Garlic and tomato Zucchini pasta

Roasty garlic tomato and zucchinni pasta (serves 2)


two punnets of cherry tomatoes
3 cloves finely diced garlic
2 zucchini
handful of basil leaves
salt to taste
1/4 cup olive oil


  1. sprinkle some olive oil into a large hot pan and add the cherry tomatoes and let them char in the pan on high heat so they get a charred look. The char adds yummy flavour. Salt the tomatoes as they cook.
  2. While the tomato is cooking use a vegetable peeler to slice the zucchini into ribbons or a mandolin to make them like pasta stings and set aside
  3. Once the tomatoes are soft add the 1/4 cup of olive oil, the garlic and the basil and cook on medium heat (so the garlic doesn’t burn) and toss the pan around for a few minutes until the basil is wilted and the garlic has softened. Don’t let the garlic brown it goes bitter and will ruin the flavour.
  4. toss the zucchini into the pan and turn off the heat. Stir the zucchini through the sauce until the zucchini only just softens a little and then serve. This just kisses the zucchini with a bit of heat and softens it slightly while still retaining the nutrients of raw zucchini. As you toss the zucchini through you can be rough with the tomatoes and squish them a little

You could add shaved parmesan on top to serve but it is just as lovely without it, enjoy!

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