Green Pesto

Green Pesto (I made 1 Litre of pesto with this recipe but you can absolutely make much much less than this! Adjust the recipe accordingly) 


500 gms Cashews (pine nuts are also traditionally used but can be really expensive)
250gms parmesan cheese
3 large bunches of parsley, basil or rocket
2 sprigs of rosemary
2 leaves of kale
3 large garlic cloves (but I could have totally added more)
1/3 of a cup olive oil (If you want it thick, add less, if you want it runny add more
salt to taste


  1. add all the ingredients in your processor and wazz until desired consistency.
  2. Store in a jar in the fridge. put a thin layer of olive oil over to the top to store the to stop it from discolouring.

I used parsley as the bulk of the green for this but you can make pesto out of almost anything. Other greens I like to use are rocket, basil and english spinach. Alternatively you could use something like red capsicum or sundried tomatoes instead of the greens. The general combination of veggies/herbs in proportion with the cashews, garlic, olive oil and parmesan will produce a lovely pesto

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