I really don’t know THAT much about Kombucha, but I grow and share a mean mother SCOBY (Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). The SCOBY is the collection of ‘stuff’ you see floating in my kombucha brew. The SCOBY creates a fermented drink of sorts which is proposed to help support a healthy micro-biome (amongst other things). I drink about half cup every few days. Tastes like a vinegary apple cider I think.

My recipe for Kombucha is

One nice thick healthy SCOBY
at least 1 cup of the previous kombucha brew
2L of strong brewed organic green or black tea (completely cooled)
1/2 cup of raw organic sugar


1. Boil 2L of water – add this to a large clean glass vessel along with 4-5 organic tea bags of green or black tea and the sugar. Stir in the sugar until it is dissolved (I leave this to brew until the mixture is cool or luke warm and then remove the tea bags)

2. Allow mixture to cool to room temperature and add this to your existing Kombucha vat (that would contain your SCOBY and at least 1 cup of the previous Kombucha batch) OR Add your SCOBY and 1 cup of previous batch Kombucha to the cooled brew.

3. Secure a cheese cloth or clean ‘chux’ wipe over the top of the vessel, place the vessel in a position away from direct sunlight and wait 5-10 days

4. after 5-10 days start to taste your brew daily. It will get stronger and more acidic as the days go on, once you are happy with the taste (it shouldn’t taste too sweet and should have a fizz to it) you can strain the mixture off into some jars and put them into the fridge to enjoy at your leisure. I label mine with some information e.g.: ‘Black tea brew 15/1/16 – 28/1/16’

You’ll see that by the time your Kombucha is ready, your existing SCOBY will remain and there will also be another one that has grown on the top. You can leave this there and keep using all your SCOBY or share this with friends so they can start their own batch.

Leave at least 1 cup of your brew in the vessel to keep your SCOBY happy until you are ready to do your next brew.


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